EC-903 EC-903


Granules Packing Machine

Function: Electromechanical
Weighing system: Volumetric
Packing speed: 15- 35 pcs/min
Package weight range: 20-1100 g
Min. package size(L×W):  65 × 80 mm
Max. package size(L×W): 350×245 mm
Voltage: 3-Phase 380 V
Power consumption: 3.5 kW
Dimensions(L×W×H):  1250×1650×2800 mm
Height with elevator: 3300 mm
Machine weight: 900 kg
Wrapping material: Cellophane, nacreous cellophane,
  metallized, aluminium foil, BOPP, OPP,
  all kinds of other flexible heat sealable films.
Application: Grains, beans, snacks, puffed corn,
  chemical & pharmaceutical materials.

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